Monday, February 6, 2012

mOnKeY bUsiNeSs

This is what he does everyday when he wants a snack. Drags the chair to the pantry and grabs something out of there.

He got a granola bar. His favorite ones.


We went to the zoo on Saturday. Perfect day and weather for it. Not crowded either. Just perfect.

The birds kept getting on top of Mark's shoulders

The sea lions were so pretty and playful. Relaxing to watch them swim too.

This gorilla was very stunning and powerful. But I felt bad for him. He looked lonely, very. Out in the wild they are in groups and I wonder if he ever felt that. Being with others...

Momma orangutan just had a baby girl. Such a sweet scene of the mom taking care of her tiny baby. 

We got to feed the giraffes, it was pretty cool and they are beautiful and sweet. 

 And the lions were pretty lazy this time. They were all layout sleeping. Oh, and they have 5 new babies. Pretty grown now.

Even though we had a great time, I always have mixed feelings about a zoo. It is awesome to see them and being able to appreciate and learn about the animals that are naturally thousands and thousands of miles away; and yet at the same time I feel bad because even though they are well taken care of, it is not their natural habitat, it seems unnatural. 

We just need to be good human beings and take care of the nature that surround us so our future generations can also appreciate the animals we see today, even at a zoo. 

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Let's remember this.

"You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself"- Nelson Mandela

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