Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was always very close to my biological grandparents since early age. When I moved to the United States I tried to stay in touch with all of them by phone calls. I never thought they would so happy to hear my voice, and I, to hear theirs. I missed them terribly and felt bad for the occasions I postponed visiting them because I would rather being with my friends. How foolish... 

They all passed away while I was in the U.S. 

"They left, and I didn't get to say good bye", I thought while crying for their passing. Gosh, how much I wish I would have been able to say good bye, and tell them one last time how much I loved them, and how thankful I was for all their love towards me, and to my siblings, cousins and rest of the family.

Once, back in Colombia, I cried my heart out when I went to see them in the cemetery. With my other grandmother, I couldn't do it because I was pregnant with baby David; but I did cry - a lot- listening to everything about her last days. I wanted to hear it, even though my aunt didn't want to, she didn't want to upset me. I, on the other hand, had to hear it. At the end, I felt lighter. It was like a emotional cleaning, a huge knot had been untied.

Today, I am blessed with amazing grandparents. They are Joe's grandparents actually, but I feel like they are mine as they are his. 

I could not be more grateful for all the love and support, and acceptance they've had towards me. They received me in the family with open hearts, and that to me is the most special gift. 

I try to visit them at least once a week, if not, more. They boys and I love to hang out at their house. Joe, on the other hand, is lucky to be able to hang out with his grandpa every day. He is able to chat with him every morning, and also gets involved in his grandpa's "special missions". He always has a project going on. 

Anyway, I don't know why this post today. I think is maybe because we don't have all the time of the world, and I want to make the most of the time there is. I also want the boys to be able to enjoy and know their great- grandparents. How lucky they are, I didn't have great-grandparents...

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