Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reading Nights

Every night before the boys go to sleep, we read books. A chooses one and D chooses another one. Sometimes more or less, depending on the size and how late they are going to bed. We also take turns in each other's beds each night, one night in A's and the other one in D's. I get in the middle of both and begin to read.

We have a large selection of books that have come from my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, birthday and Christmas presents. We love books! What can we say? I've read to both of them since they were newborns and I still am. 

It gets better every night, because the older they get the more attention they pay, and they don't want to go to bed before a book is read. It is our little routine and snuggly time together. Reading is one of those special moments you spend with your children. Not only they learn bunches but you connect with each other.

These are some photos I had in my phone and I wanted to share. 

 Each one with their book
 Anthony hiding

I tried to take a picture of the three of us, but it didn't work


Do you have some favorite books you and your kids like to read? Or any that you used to read when little? If you do, I would really like to know. Leave a comment... Thanks!

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