Monday, August 29, 2011


What a great weekend we had. Saturday was really relaxing. Joe, Anthony and I hiked up the hill while David took his nap at Grandpa's house.We went up to the Meditation House to check and see how it was holding up, and it is. It looked very pretty surrounded by all the trees full of green leaves.

I had never hiked to the meditation house during the summer because is so hot that I don't even want to try. But this day, it was so pretty! And the best of all was that there are so many trees along the way creating shade, you don't feel the heat. Such a pretty walk. I wish I had the camera to show you all what I mean.

Anyway, Sunday we went to a special birthday party. Our nephew Tanner's first birthday party! Geez, time is passing by so quick...He was a cutie and enjoyed his day very much :)

Isn't he handsome? We love him, he's a sweetie :)

And guess what else we did this weekend? 

Joe and I went to see Matisyahu that night after the birthday party. You know? that guy I have been wanting to see and he was even on my wish list of things to do this coming year before my next birthday? Well, I got to see him! It was such a great show. He is an amazing artist, he truly is. 
I had so much fun and we got to see him really close thanks to the size of the venue where the show was. It was not very big so it was perfect! 

If I had known we were not going to have trouble by bringing in cameras I would have brought mine. Oh well, I guess I at least had my always handy phone :) I got me this t-shirt too, isn't it neat?

Oh, we so enjoyed that show! And if you get the chance to see him, GO, you'll like him :) 

Have a good week! 

And I am going to scratch one more thing of my list :)

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