Monday, August 8, 2011

Thanks Crayola for washable paints!

Many times I've tried to do crafts with the boys, but I am the one who ends up doing the whole project-almost always. I've found out that painting and coloring is the easiest and less complicated thing to do and better yet,  they love it! 


They get to choose the colors they want to use. One boys chooses one color and the other chooses another one.( Disregard the acrylics on the left, I was the one using those)

I recently bought them some brushes with a bigger handle (like the ones in the pictures) and so far they are a lot easier for their little hands, but they still like to use the thinner ones every once in a while. Specially if they see them.
I want to cultivate art in them. My dad is an artist by nature, and even though he does not practice that much, he is really talented. I personally believe that I inherited that gift. I love colors and paints, museums, and have a good eye for painting and drawing. My art professor at the university told me I needed to take some more art classes to keep learning and cultivating my talent. Gosh, I fell really good when he said that, because I personally though my paintings sucked! And some of them did, I don't lie. That's why I can't wait to have a space on my own to leave everything out and paint anytime.

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