Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to climb a mountain...

Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite writers. 

His books are inspiring, easy to read and always leave you with lessons that can be used in your daily life to be a better person... or at least try..., see the beauty in life and in you, how to overcome challenges and never surrender.

I follow his blog often and recently I found this insert from one of his books, Like the Flowing River.

The following is the manual for climbing a mountain, your mountain....

1. Choose the mountain you want to climb 

2. Know how to get close to it

3. Learn from someone who has already been up there

4. When seen up close, dangers are controllable

5. The landscape changes, so enjoy it

6. Respect your body

7. Respect your soul

8. Be prepared to climb one kilometer more

9. Be happy when you reach the top

10. Make a promise

11. Tell your story
Read them in their entirety  HERE  

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