Monday, July 9, 2012

pieces of our week

We had breakfast for dinner one night - more on that this week.

Spent July 4th morning at the ER with Anthony. More on that here.

Sunset boat cruise pre-Independence day. The weather was perfect for it and the sunset even more beautiful! 

 We painted a lot this week. I would say a little more than usual because we were sort of house-bound with a sick boy.

Independence day fireworks

Silly boy at dinner with Gram and Mark

Busted nose after rough playing and bouncing off the couch

 Lava lamps -new post soon :)

I had my annual Doctor's check up, I'm so healthy that he schedule me to come back in a year and a half, unless I need to go before. Yay for me! 
 The Science of Earth by Anthony

Notice his polo shirt all button-up. He would not leave the house until ALL buttons were the way they were supposed to be :) And of course big brother had to do the same. Sillies! 

  Hurricane Creek. Mine and the boys first experience at our country side creek. 

  Chinese for dinner. Egg drop soup, wonton soup, kung-pao chicken, veggie noodles and egg rolls. 

  Our second book from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library

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