Friday, July 13, 2012

The other day

... Before the holiday and after Joe had gotten off work,
Anthony asked him:" Dad, who is charge here?"
Joe answered:"Me!!!"
Anthony:" Wrong. God"


... After the boys had their bath and while drying up David's feet he said:" No mami, no dry my piggies!!"

The boy has piggies not toes :)

... I noticed David moving like if he had to go the bathroom, I asked:"David do you need to pee?" David:" No, I dancing"

Yeah right. To the bathroom we took off running.

... On our way to the pool and with the radio on, a song Anthony liked came one.
 He said :" I think Madeline would like this song, don't you think mom? Maybe she can ride with us one day and we'll play it for her "
Me: "Sure,  I think she'll like it"
A: " Yea, I think she will, because she is my girlfriend"
David:" Yea, Maddie is my girfiend"
D:" She is MY GIRFIEND!"
Me:" Hey guys, let's not fight ok? She loves both of you guys"
A: " Yea, she does. David, you know what?
D:" What?"
A:" Maybe we can ask her if she wants to be both of us girlfriend"
D:" Oh yeah!"

:) Talking about girls already? Oh boy!

... on the ride to pick up our weekly veggies

A:" Hey mom, who is the ruler of the whole wide world?"
Me:" God"
A:" Why?"
Me: " Because he created everything around us. He created life."
A:" hmm... interesting..."

... Lately, Anthony gets frustrated because David can't do everything he does, so after I told him that he couldn't do everything he does now and that every day every one is learning something, even grown-ups, he calmed down a bit. So one morning Anthony said:"Hey mom! Guess what? I'm being a good big brother and I'm helping David out! " David says:" Yea mom! He is! He is nice... sometimes" :)

... On our way to the grocery store

Me:" Yes?"
A:" Do we always need God?"
Me:" Yes, amor, every day all day"
A:" That's not true"
Me:" Why do you say that?"
A:" Well, I just don't think so. Not everyone needs God. Why do you need God if you are ok then?"
Me:"Well, God created life and gives us the gift of life every day. We have challenges ..."
A:" What are challenges?"
Me:"Problems, things that sometimes get in the way"
A:"oh ok"
Me:" So, when we have those challenges, we ask God to give us strength to keep going and when you are ok, you give thanks. You can choose to be alone and deal with everything by yourself or ask for help and solve your problems easily. And even if you are ok but feel lonely, and you have God in your heart you won't feel alone. He is always there,  company in the good and bad times."
A:" Oh ok. But I don't think you need God all the time"
Me:" You can choose if you need Him or not, but if I were you I would choose to have Him at all times. He's like the best superhero EVER! It's like Super man, when something is wrong, then you want him there right? But if everything it's ok, then, you want him to be there just in case right?"
A:" hehe! yea I would wanna have superman around all the time (smiles)"
Me:" Yes, just like God"
A:" Yea, I guess so"

I was quite then. This was the most difficult conversation I've ever had with my 4 year old. It's a challenge when it comes to the subject of spirituality and I pray I can answer those questions the best I can, and so can Joe.

... while waiting at the boys' doctor's office for Anthony's pneumonia follow-up check up, they boys were playing in a corner where a big maze/magnet/punching toy were. A little boy, younger than David was near him when the little boy sneezed. I look at them and David has grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and wiped the little boy's nose! I thought oh my God! That is so sweet! He is taking care of that little boy that he does not even know. Then the little boy sneezes AGAIN, and of course there goes David about to wipe his little nose, but, I honestly had to interrupt because that was big daddy in the little boy's nose. David came to me and said: "Mami, ook! Baby has a BIG booger." The little boy, who was 14 months old walks to his grandpa to get cleaned up and grandpa thanks David who was looking at his shirt trying to get it cleaned. 

Funny stuff don't you think ? :)

I'm so glad I'm recording this. I really am. We can always go back, and read all these things. A cool thing about this blog is that if I want to I can print a book! 

Happy Weekend and Thanks For Reading! 

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