Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elephant sock puppets

The boys chose to make elephants as their sock puppets. I gathered some of my very old socks. I had to cut a pair to make the ear. 


- Socks
- Felt pom poms
- Goggly eyes
- Glue ( We used silicone )
- Pipe cleaners (for the nose)
- Batting (for the nose)

Cut the ears

Glue the pom poms and place goggly eyes on top. Leave a little bit the top of the sock to make the trunk of the elephant. I twisted some pipe cleaner around it but I later added some batting to make thicker and then wrapped the pipe cleaner again.

In the last pictures, it didn't have the batting in it but later you'll see the difference

I cut a little piece of felt to make his mouth
The boys took them outside to play with them. They were so happy with them that they couldn't wait to show papa

And that is our elephant sock puppet :)

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