Friday, July 20, 2012

The other day

...David is getting a new tooth (molar) so he says:"Daddy, I'm getting a volcano in my mouth !!"


...While riding with Maddie, Joe driving and I sitting in the back in the middle of the boys. Anthony was looking at his wrist and says to me:" why do I have those blue things!?"
Me:"They are your veins"
Frustrated Anthony:"but why do I need veins!? I don't want those blue thingies!"
Me:"Because they carry your blood, blood keeps you alive"

And Maddie explains everything very specifically about veins and arteries and their functions. She is one smart girl. Maddie is the daughter of one of Joe's childhood friend.

...Joe and David were chilling on the couch and David started coughing, it was more like a silly cough and Joe says:"what's the matter? Are you sick little man?" David says:"uh, no, my teeth hurt" Joe:"oh yeah?" David:"yeah, my teeth got a sunburn "

What a funny little guy

... After a quick bathroom stop at Joe's work after the movies, the boys grabbed a piece of candy each from grand dad Charlie's office, so they asked me if they could eat it, and I told them that they could after they ate their lunch.
So on our way home, Anthony's asks again and I answer the same thing. After a while he says:"mom, we need to hurry up! This candy is opening itself! " :)

... At the grocery store Anthony said to me:"mom! That man just smiled at me!! Oh my gosh, I don't think it was a good idea"
Me:"what do you mean?"
A:"coming here, to the grocery store"

While this conversation was taking place, two older ladies were walking along us in the aisle and they started laughing about what Anthony had said and he notices so he says:" mom! Those ladies were looking at me! Oh my gosh!"
Me:" yes they were. They think you are funny"
Anthony smiling and sorta shy says:" yeah mom, they were looking at me because I'm smooth and fancy :)"

I burst in a laugh that was probably heard in the next three aisles

Me:" yes you are!"

Have a good weekend! 

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