Friday, July 6, 2012

The other day

I'm staring these series called The Other Day. Why? Because I want record some of the things I've failed to do in a paper journal. I don't wanna keep forgetting. I would like to have a record.

So here we begin:

The other day ...

... Saturday of last week to be exact, I woke up with my back full of stickers. Anthony woke up several times during the night so I slept in a little. David had entertained himself by placing a bunch of stickers on the right upper side of my back. He thought that was very funny, we all did.

... Anthony said he was helping me clean up so the visitors ("future house buyers":)) could see our house nice and clean. He did such a good job that at night time I couldn't find the Vapor Rub for his chest, but he knew exactly where it was, it was in their toys' basket.

...While Anthony was sick with fever, David helped by placing cold towels on Anthony's forehead. He said he was helping taking care of his brother.

... My kids asked me to make them arepas (google it). Makes my heart giggle when they ask about for Colombian things.

...on Sunday, while making dinner, David and I danced in the kitchen. When the song was over I put him on the floor and he started to say: "no Mami! I wanna nother song!". We danced once more. Dancing is definitely in their hard drive :)

...they began the tickling game with Joe. So every time Joe is distracted, they reach for his belly or underarms, and start tickling him. It's pretty funny and they get a kick out of it.

... David and Anthony were having a conversation about Anthony being sick and all I could hear from the kitchen was David saying/answering:" oh my gosh...". That's his new thing.


  1. love your sweet boys and NEED to see them soon! we will be home late tomorrow night.

  2. Yay for you guys being back! We have missed you!

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