Thursday, July 5, 2012

First ER visit

After almost a week with fever and a couple of days of a bad cough, we decided to take our little boy to the ER, on July 4th. Yep, our plans for the day changed but we didn't care one bit. Our boy was first. 

We signed in and they actually took us right away. He was checked by the doctor and said that Anthony sounded like he had a sign on Pneumonia, something that developed in the last couple of days. I felt horrible! It's a serious issue and I honestly didn't imagine it could've been that bad. But, I was glad we had decided to head over to the hospital right after we woke up and after a sleepless night with barking-like sounds. At the ER he received  a breathing treatment, X-rays, and a shot in his booty - he didn't like the last one, it hurt really bad :(

Say cheese cheesy

Breathing treatment

Waiting on the medicine and shopping for some treats to enjoy once we got home.

David excited about the superman movie we got and our "car picnic" :)

 At home resting and watching a movie

Now, on antibiotics to hopefully recover soon. 

We spent the day a home resting in our comfortable nest as a family and everyone taking care of Anthony; he even received a little visit from his great-grand-parents. 

While at the hospital we told him that we would ALWAYS take care of him, no matter how old he was; and that at one point, when he had his own children and he was sick, we would still take care of him, we would bring him mami's yummy chicken soup, and we would then take his little ones so he and his wife could take a rest and be able to be sick. He smiled.

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