Monday, July 2, 2012

pieces of our week

Splash park. This time we had it ALL for ourselves...but, just for a while :)

How about that last picture? Super cute! 

Now, guess which of the boys got it right? 

Our local movie theater has free movies throughout the summer. Is that not great? You can go to either one of the movies for free! Neither the kids or adults pay. I like that deal :) We watched Rio, what a cute movie! And we totally loved the music; towards the end of the movie, the boys got off their seats and started dancing to the beat of Samba, yep, they are my kids, no doubt :)

There is Sonic fever around the house. One night they wouldn't go to bed until they got their Sonic-styled hair. 

Farmers Market

Saturday silliness


A ladybug in our cilantro. First peaches of our tree. 

 Sickness and doctor's visit

Have a fun 4th of July!

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