Monday, February 28, 2011

Camping, hiking and Krispy Kreme

Once again we went to the Meditation House Joe got built to have an escape space from stress and noise. Last time we were there, we really enjoyed it and we said that we had to do that more often. So now, we are trying to make it as often as we can and when the weather permits. 

The meditation house is such a nice place to be with your family, away from t.v or toys. We love it and we always have a good time.

Our favorite snack!

What is up with that face silly boy? :)

I don't drink soft drinks but this is my ultimate favorite, and every time we go to Atlanta I make sure I bring some home! I love it!

I like this picture, I think he looks extra handsome with the chainsaw....:)

This is the reason why I don't buy expensive sunglasses

Looking at papa do some work


He is the ultimate yogi :)

See what I mean....?



Isn't pretty out there?

 Tired little guy

Story time!

Hiking back

Our first trip to Krispy Kreme together, let me tell you, the kids LOVED IT! And so did we:)

The weather is so beautiful to go outdoors and play, hike, ride a bike, read a book, relax or just do nothing; whatever your heart feels like!

Have a great week everybody :)

Rosaleen Dickson

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