Thursday, February 10, 2011

Detox day 3, exercise,snow

 Day three was a bit different, and what I mean is that I felt a little hungry in between lunch and dinner. I felt a little dizzy also, but I had a handful of Brazil nuts and a cup of my tea and I felt much better. Also, I have to shyly say that I was pretty gassy fuzzy. Ha! There, I said it. Part of keeping you all updated isn't?

I also exercised while little David slept his nap, and Anthony exercised along with me. He stretched the way I was doing it, and that was pretty cute and funny. When I was doing some sit ups, he grabbed his sword and pointed it at me like a drill sergeant directing a boot camp. At one point he actually said: "Come on mom you can do it!". I guess he saw me struggling so much that he decided to give some words of encouragement :)

That being said, this is what I ate and did yesterday:

-Before breakfast: Cup of hot tea with half a lemon

- Breakfast: One boiled egg, wheat-free toast with honey and a banana.

-Lunch: Spring Clean Salad (Watermelon, apples, endive, celery, lemon and olive oil)

- Exercise

-Cup of tea and Brazil nuts

-Dinner: Wheat-free pasta with red hot sauce (Tomatoes, tomato paste, olives, lemon, onion, garlic, basil, parsley)

-Dry-exfoliated body, shower, read, sleep

If you have any questions about all this detox thing or any other thing, post a comment, I'll be more than happy to answer it.
By the way, is it snowing where you are? Because here in Tuscaloosa started to snow last night and today it looks so pretty outside! We already went to play with the snow, but that didn't last long. After 10 minutes of playing Anthony decided to make a snow angel and when he got up he was pretty upset because his booty was cold,and wet, so he chose to go back inside. David, on the other hand was enjoying it quite a lot, he was eating the snow, and HE LOVED IT!- after a few bites, anyway. He loves eating ice anyway, thanks to my mom, a.k.a Bita for abuelita in Spanish. She is my sunshine!

The boys in action! 

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