Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Detox Day 2 and School Registration

Yesterday, I completed day two of the detox program. It went better than the first one. I had no cravings other than the yummy looking pasta my Grandmother Diane a.k.a Nana made for dinner and the toasted garlic bread, oh my! So good, she is a wonderful cook and lady! I love her :) By the way, I did not eat one bite of pasta, I wish I could have though.

Anyway, I am very surprised on how I've been satisfied with each meal, and part of that feeling I believe is the focus I have to do it right, and to finish it the way it should be, no cheating, not even one animal cracker, if you know what I mean...

This is what I ate and did yesterday:

-Before breakfast:Cup of hot water with lemon 

-Breakfast: Half of a Cantaloupe filled with strawberries and raspberries

-Lunch: Plate of tuna with whole grain crackers (The book actually does not call for this, but I was out of the house and since I can have tuna, this is what I went for)

-Drink: Hot tea ( Yogi tea  is my favorite brand of teas. So from now on when I say I had a cup of hot tea, this is what I had) 

-Dinner: Garden Paella and fresh fruit salad
-Cup of hot tea

-Dry-exfoliated skin with exfoliating gloves

-Took a shower, applied lotion, read, went to bed.

I think this will be my daily detox routine from now on. I need to incorporate some exercise and meditation to it for it to be fully complete, but with the chores of the house and taking care of the kiddos, I don't seem to find the time to do it, although I need to.
So, now let's change the page and let me tell you about the school part of this post. 

I have a very sweet, smart, gentle, fun, funny, loving, kind, playful, social little boy who despite the entertainment I provide him at home, and all the painting, coloring, puzzle time, reading, pretend time etc etc, he wants to go to school. He is ready. He grabs his little Elmo backpack, fills it up with toys, books and a bunch of other stuff, and tells me that he is going to school. He tells me:"See you later mom, I'm going to school to see all my friends and we're gonna do some finger painting!" And what do I do? I kindly smile to him and tell him: "Have fun my love, see you later..." Yes, part of me is not ready to let him grow up and continue onto the next stage he is so ready for. Part of me wants him to be always at home with his momma because she thinks... (I had to stop, I started to cry, I can't help it..), because she thinks he will be safer with her, and nobody will give him the love and patience she gives him. But also, part of me tells me it's okay, and because I love him and his brother more than anything in this world, I will let go and I will joyfully see him grown into a more amazing guy than he already is. He will learn, he will make friends and have fun. 

That being said, he has officially been registered to start preschool in the fall, three days a week, half day. Also, I'm looking to enroll him in some summer program he can go to, and again, half day, three days a week, or something like that.

Yes, this was a long post, sorry if you were not prepared for it, but I couldn't help it. There is a bunch of family who reads it and this is what this blog is about, to share with you all what goes on in our household.

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