Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Visit

The boys and I went to Atlanta Monday morning to see my family. I have missed them and I wanted to see them, so we took off. Anthony & David are really good on road trips, specially when you have the always magic portable DVD player. We watched a movie half way and the other half they slept- thank goodness!

We enjoyed every little moment together. We ate, shopped, snuggled, watched a movie, talked, smiled, gossiped, laughed, had some yummy Colombian treats, etc etc, all the things that family does. 

Being away from family has thought me several things:

-Be kind to one another
-Try to get together as much as you can
-Trust in each other
-Give big hugs
-Be attentive
-Don't fight 
-Enjoy the little moments without complain
-Stay together 
-Call often
-Love your family and be thankful for them

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