Monday, February 7, 2011

What we've been up to

So last weekend we went camping to the Meditation House-more on that on another post. All the four of us enjoyed being out in the woods and thankfully we had really nice weather. We went fishing, but didn't get anything :(. We went hiking, and that was a little tough when you end up carrying a 25lbs baby, but also an awesome workout let me tell you! We didn't take any toys and that was really nice, because at the end of the day, we ended up telling stories, pretending to be cartoon characters, and singing songs. We had a wonderful time as a family :)

 My boys

 The light of my eyes!

Once, the weekend was over, everything went back to normal and Joe went to work and I stayed home with the kiddos. Anthony, however, did not have a good week. He misbehaved-which I know many of you won't believe- but he did, every day of the week. He did not listened to what I had to say or mind me at all. So I was pretty exhausted after that and I was glad the weekend was here-which it really does not make any difference to me- but a weekend is a weekend ! :)

Saturday night though, we went over to my brother-in-law Ty and sister-in-law Jordan's house, for a little get together with cousins to celebrate the birthday of two of them and my our other sister-in-law.

Sunday, we went to church, ate lunch with my father-in-law a.k.a Granpa and mother-in-law Julie. After that, we went to Birmingham to visit my other set of in-laws, Joe's mom Sarah and Stepdad, Mark. We end up hiking and playing in the playground for a long time-I had forgotten how awesome was to swing!-. Right after this, we left their house and went over to our very good friends Bj, Jayma and baby Molly's house to watch the Super Bowl.Their house is so cozy and I love their baby girl Molly! Our boys and she played really well and got along really good. When we left their house, we even mentioned that it would be nice if we lived next door :)

And last but not least we also celebrated a couple weeks ago, a very special birthday, my mother-in-law Sarah's birthday. I love her very much and she is one of my best friends! We could not let this special day go by without throwing a little celebration for her :)

We hope all of you have a wonderful week, stay warm, be nice, kind and patience, pray and everything will be fine.

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